The Board is responsible for the overall corporate governance of the Company including the appointment of executive directors, the provision of strategic direction, setting of corporate and management targets, the front-line of investment promotion and the approval of budgets.

The Board reviews the outcomes of each planning milestone on a regular basis and when applicable formalises these results into publicly distributed statements to ensure shareholder transparency and accountability. The Company adheres to guidelines for effective corporate governance as published by the Australian Stock Exchange, and constantly reviews its practices to ensure that its standards are in compliance with required regulatory regimes.

With regard to the Company’s communication with its various stakeholders, the Board has Disclosure, Confidentiality and Insider Trading Policies which includes comprehensive procedures governing, among other things, timely disclosure of material information, mineral disclosure, electronic communications, insider trading and selective disclosure.

Waratah Minerals is committed to building and maintaining a reputation for integrity, honesty and fair dealing in all of its relationships and business dealings. Waratah Minerals has established a corporate culture that encourages best business practice, including compliance with all of the local laws and regulations which govern its operations.

Waratah Minerals places great emphasis on achieving high performance for our shareholders. The company also focuses on adding value to the communities in which we operate. The Company is committed to achieving its goals within a framework of ethical and responsible business practice.